Sunday, August 06, 2006

Green Helmet Doctors another scene!

After all the discussion about fake and staged images, I noticed in the completely once sided ITV report on the ambulances being targetted that one of the "red cross" workers has an uncanny resemblance to "Green Helmet".

See the first 10 seconds of the video

Is this possible? If so I would say that this absolutely clinches it that Green Helmet specifically stages scenes. At Riehl world

the point is made that "ITV admits that no reporter had access to the vehicle, the video and subsequent images taken from it were from "an amateur local cameraman" from Southern Beirut. Seems it was too dangerous for the journo's."

Why is "Green Helmet" at the scene dressed as a red cross worker when in all other shots to date he has been dressed as, well, "Green Helmet"?

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