Thursday, August 17, 2006

Orphanage Bombed - 61 schoolgirls killed!

Where is the outrage - why is the Guardian and the Independant not running full pages asking for the killing to stop? Over 800 people have died in the last week.

The reason this is not getting the coverage is because it can not be blamed on Israel. This was Sri Lanka. Consequently there is no UN resolutions, no demands for cease fires, no graphic pictures of bodies being shown day and night on the MSM networks. Why are the human rights groups not calling for investigations and labelling it a war crime?

The answer is that the world MSM media is totally morally corrupt. If Israel kills a civillian human shield by accident while defending itself, the venomous anti Israel rhetoric appears instantly.

This single Sri Lankan attack killed more children than any single Israeli attack killed people in the current Lebanese conflict. The Sri Lankan government reported that the orphanage was in fact a training and transit camp for the LTE's cadres. My point is not that this was justified or unjustified as I don't know enough about it, but rather that the MSM coverage is completely different to the coverage that Israel has received.,001302310000.htm

Further to this point, there is currently a genocide occuring in Sudan where hundreds of thousands have been killed over the last year. Where is the MSM, where is the outrage, where are the UN committees and resolutions? If this carnage got a fraction of the coverage that Israel got, Nato would be pressurised into doing something. The media simply doesn't care.

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